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Batten Down Fix Later (graydon2.dreamwidth.org) en

I guess my main suggestion is a don't-listen-to-me suggestion: "hire and listen to professionals with training in the subject", where "the subject" covers everything "a bunch of compiler nerds" are typically bad at. Project management to political science to finance to communications to mediation to personnel. The Project is now...

The JavaScript Trap (gnu.org) en

Many users are aware that this issue applies to the plug-ins that browsers offer to install, since they can be free or nonfree. But browsers run other nonfree programs which they don't ask you about, or even tell you about—programs that web pages contain or link to. These programs are most often written in JavaScript, though...

shelenn, do random en-us

Article includes mention of the Fediverse, Activity Pub, and forthcoming Meta's Instagram joining the Fediverse stunting hype about Bluesky.

Twitter's collapse is imminent, here's what's next (dailykos.com) en

Using Twitter is still a necessary evil for many of us, me included. But given the pace of alternatives suddenly emerging, those days are numbered. I fully expect Twitter to be obsolete by the end of the year, a $44-billion boondoggle that’ll resemble little more than a glorified Parler or Gab. Yet another ‘unscheduled rapid...

Effects of aging on cortical representations of continuous speech - PubMed (pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) en

Understanding speech in a noisy environment is crucial in day-to-day interactions and yet becomes more challenging with age, even for healthy aging. Age-related changes in the neural mechanisms that enable speech-in-noise listening have been investigated previously; however, the extent to which age affects the timing and...

When A Criminal Is Smarter Than The Detectives (youtube.com) en

In this JCS Inspired Documentary, We take a look at the interrogation of the President of a motorcycle club named Mark. Mark was a suspect in a murder case and he had been arrested many times before so he knows how to handle the manipulation of the detectives. We will analyze the interrogation and discuss what Mark and the...

Rootpain - The Most Controversial And Disturbing DOOM Mod (youtube.com) en

Welcome to Disturbing DOOM. A series in which I surf through the internet, in search of the most creepy and scary DOOM Wads. In this episode, we are going to take a look at a wad named Rootpain, which, back in 2013, instigated a lot of controversy in the forums of Doomworld and ZDoom. I hope you enjoy.

Everywhere at the End of Time (en.wikipedia.org) en

Everywhere at the End of Time is the eleventh and final recording by the Caretaker, an alias of English electronic musician Leyland Kirby. Released between 2016 and 2019, its six studio albums use degrading loops of sampled ballroom music to portray the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Inspired by the success of An Empty...

Why Waking Up Early Is Rooted in White Supremacy (medium.com) en

The early-rising ideology is not inherently racist; however, its connections to white supremacy can be seen when examining the broader historical and social contexts. During the era of European colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade, the concept of hard work and productivity became intertwined with race....

The Hidden Dangers of the Decentralized Web 🤡 (wired.com) en

Decentralized social media are also built to be suspect of the outside world. This is evident in Mastodon’s “federated network” of servers, which users connect across, much like how you can write to a Hotmail email from a Gmail account. New users pick one server to join when signing up, based on common interests or...

Tu nikt cię nie skaże za memy z papieżem. Za swastykę też nie (krytykapolityczna.pl)

W Stanach Zjednoczonych można palić amerykańską flagę, organizować nazistowskie marsze, nazywać prezydenta debilem oraz nabijać się z Jezusa, Jahwe czy Mahometa. Żaden prokurator nie ma tu nic do gadania, bo na gruncie prawa karnego nie ma przepisów, które pozwoliłyby ścigać za wygłaszanie nawet najbardziej...

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Potraktowałem ten artykuł przede wszystkim jako rys historyczny.

Cyberstalkers Using New Windows Feature to Spy on iPhones | Certo (certosoftware.com) en

[…] even if your iPhone is set to not show the contents of notifications until unlocked, Phone Link will still show the contents of these notifications regardless. This can be a way to spy on other private information, such as WhatsApp messages or notifications from banking apps.

Łukaszenka był chory i leżał w łóżeczku (krytykapolityczna.pl)

Wyraźna niedyspozycja Aleksandra Łukaszenki i kilkudniowe zniknięcie z publicznych radarów zrodziły masę spekulacji i pokazały, że w spersonalizowanych dyktaturach brak jednego puzzla zaburza całą układankę. Rodzi to pewne szanse, ale niesie ze sobą też ryzyko. Rozmowa z białoruskim politologiem Andriejem...

The Dangers of Google’s .zip TLD (medium.com) en

Google launched this week a new TLD or “Top Level Domain” of .zip, meaning you can now purchase a .zip domain, similar to a .com or .org domain for only a few dollars. The security community immediately raised flags about the potential dangers of this TLD. In this short write-up, we’ll cover how an attacker can leverage...

How Big Oil is manipulating the way you think about climate change (salon.com) en

If our collective philosophical literacy were better, we might notice that this fallacy seems to be working spectacularly well for the fossil-fuel industry, the petrochemical industry, and a bunch of other bad actors who would like to throw us off the trail that would lead us fully to grasp their transgressions. We shouldn't...

800 plus to naprawdę taki game changer? Kaczyński ani nie "pozamiatał", ani nie "zaorał" (wiadomosci.gazeta.pl)

Dlaczego na każdą propozycję socjalną liberalny komentariat musi strzyknąć pogardą i durnymi memami? Czy nie dociera do was, że to tak samo toksyczne jak gadanie "czarnuch" i "pedzio"? Co z wami ludzie nie tak? Przecież świetnie wiecie, że te wasze fejkowe mapki z poziomem alkoholizmu pokrywającym się z poziomem...

Zdradził przed premierą wygląd iPhone'a 14. Teraz dorwało go Apple. Wykorzystali prosty sposób (next.gazeta.pl)

Apple w pewnym momencie przewidziało, że źródłem wycieku może być jeden z programistów firmy i w tajemnicy przygotowało dla nich slajdy zawierające poufne informacje na temat prowadzonych prac. Każdy pracownik dostał jednak obraz zmodyfikowany w niezauważalny na pierwszy rzut oka sposób. Modyfikacja ta stanowiła...

Wielki krok BLIK-a. Dokonali pierwszego przejęcia zagranicznej spółki i wchodzą na nowy rynek (money.pl)

Przygotowujemy strategię, która pozwoli wejść nam na takie rynki, aby Francuz mógł płacić BLIK-iem we Francji, Niemiec w Niemczech, Hiszpan w Hiszpanii. Jest to ambitne zadanie, bo lokalne sektory bankowe szykują swoje własne rozwiązania. Czasami pyta się nas, czy naprawdę wierzymy, że jesteśmy w stanie zachęcić...

Twitter says it will restrict access to some tweets before Turkey’s election (washingtonpost.com) en

The decision once again puts Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s controversial free speech policies into the spotlight. This time, critics say, he is ceding to demands from Turkey’s right-wing leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Much of Turkey’s media is under government control, and critics accuse Ergodan of cracking down on...

We are ‘cooknivores’: How cooking forever changed our digestive systems (english.elpais.com) en

We classify animals according to their diets as carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and frugivores. Humans are classified as omnivores. But if we couldn’t prepare and cook food, we would probably face serious caloric and nutritional deficits. Since we depend on cooking and other food preparation and conservation techniques, we...

EU lawmakers back transparency and safety rules for generative AI (techcrunch.com) en

In a series of votes in the European Parliament this morning MEPs have backed a raft of amendments to the bloc's draft AI legislation -- including agreeing a set of requirements for so called foundational models which underpin generative AI technologies like OpenAI's ChatGPT.

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Ja przypiąłem w Brave na Androidzie i póki co nie miałem ani jednego problemu. Jak coś, to będę informował.

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