Pokazali agonię Jana Pawła II. Radny PiS żąda ściągnięcia spektaklu z afisza (ksiazki.wp.pl)

"To kolejna próba cenzurowania sztuki, a zwłaszcza teatru w Polsce. Nie ma na to naszej zgody" - pisze w oświadczeniu Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy w Toruniu. Chodzi o sztukę "Śmierć Jana Pawła II", której zdjęcia z repertuaru festiwalu teatralnego domaga się radny PiS.

Fediverse Report: The Roundup – episode 21 (fediversereport.com) en

Differentiation in the Fediverse is starting to play out in more and more pronounced ways. For most users in the Western world, it is tightly linked with Mastodon. But the Japanese Fediverse community is growing extremely rapidly, mainly using Misskey. It has grown in less than half a year from 75k accounts to 325k accounts.

Twitter's collapse is imminent, here's what's next (dailykos.com) en

Using Twitter is still a necessary evil for many of us, me included. But given the pace of alternatives suddenly emerging, those days are numbered. I fully expect Twitter to be obsolete by the end of the year, a $44-billion boondoggle that’ll resemble little more than a glorified Parler or Gab. Yet another ‘unscheduled rapid...

The Fediverse Report: The Roundup – episode 20 (fediversereport.com) en

It has been an interesting week in the fediverse, with some events that will play out over longer timeframes. Conversations about defederation, but also a growth in tech projects that go beyond microblogging, and the continuation of developer organisation. Besides that, it took around a month for Mastodon to add another million...

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