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Creating #art in Krita and traditional media

I do #5minsketch daily

xmpp - (remember to write a message first about who you are, I deny empty invites)

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🇵🇱 Tematy nie powiązane ze sztuką na instancji jako rogatywieszcz. avatar


𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓰𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓪 𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓮 💕 avatar


Location: Colorado, USA

Avatar description: two cats lay nestled together on a colorful blanket, front legs tucked contentedly under their bodies as they gaze curiously at the viewer. The cat on the left is a larger brown/black striped mackerel tabby with clear green eyes and a bright white chest and feet. The smaller cat on the right is dark grey with shining green eyes and a diamond-shaped patch of white fur on her chest. Meet Henry and Diamond. avatar


Czy nazwałbyś pole rzepaku łąką? To dlaczego plantację desek nazywasz lasem?

Would you call a field of rapeseed a "meadow"? Why then do you call a plank plantation a "forrest"?
Press reader, book reader.
Work too much at a de facto technology company - that’s why I really like to sleep.

Used to travel A LOT, so now prefer to stay home with the family, cats and dogs etc.
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Konto na friedrica

Zaczynam przygodę z, mogę być na początku niezdarna avatar


The catarrhine yerba mate enjoyer who invented a perpetual motion machine, by dreaming at night and devouring its own dreams through the day. avatar


Nature and fine art photographer in Northern Ontario Canada.
Photographing the beauty of nature.
#AYearForArt #Photography #Wildlife #Birds avatar

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Biologist, birder, photographer, dad, skeptic, progressive. Here for the dopamine and the community.

Pronouns: He, Him

Header Photo - Storm along the Niobrara River in Nebraska


Hey, I'm krimson, a linux user/gamer, open-source enthusiast. I come here looking for an open source alternative to reddit. I think I found it! avatar


Playmaker, Gamekid, and other bits for Playdate. Original Napster for macOS. Designer and cofounder of Path. ❤️ avatar


Building a people centric next generation internet.

Languages: 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇷🇴
Pronouns: your choice
IPA: jɛns ˈfɪŋkˌhɔʏzɐ
Not: #JohnMastodon (he says)
Tags: #p2p #interpeer #interpeerproject #privacy #encryption #foss #humanrights
Also: #metalmittwoch
Nazis: fuck 'em with a nail bat. :antifa:
#web3 / #nft / #CryptoWaffling: is toxic and must die

With the influx of journalists, I guess I should say that all my toots are CC-BY-SA. avatar


This is my main lemmy account.

Admin of

I can also be found elsewhere on the fediverse at @ada and @ada.

My backup lemmy account is @ada avatar


Professional flippist


Grafika, fotografia, film, muzyka, technologia, informatyka. avatar


I’m Matthew and I endeavor to empower my fellow #ActuallyAutistic humans by working to uncover, take charge, and unmask, revealing our best and true selves, via real-life strategies, advocacy methods, and functional techniques for navigating a NT world based on productivism ထ 🟠 My personal interests include #History #Autism #Urbanism #Cooking #Whales #Jazz #Korea #Socialism #Judaism 🔵 🔵 #AuDHD #INFJ #AutisticLiberation #Neurodivergent #AutisticCommunity #Neurodiversity #Autistic 🟠 avatar


Cyfron. Nauka, dank memy, lajfstajl.
Ukończyłem GreendaleCC z wyróżnieniem.
Menedżer Wykonawczy w Hampton DeVille. avatar


#ITspecialist, #teacher, #programmer, #developer, #trainer, #maker (#IoT, #electronics). #Cooking passionate. Occasionally #gamer (#Skyrim, #Witcher).



Some truths:

  1. #Coffee is God!
  2. Please, stop making stupid people famous!
  3. "Lepší je si to posrat podle svýho, než podle toho, co ti raděj ty druhý."
  4. There are atoms and vacuum only, the rest is an opinion. avatar


A little bit of neuroscience and a little bit of computing avatar


I'm Derek. I am a nerd. Principal Program Manager, Azure Core, Global Resiliency. Toots are my opinion and don't represent my company. #fedi22 #technology #cloud avatar


Formerly @Chip_Unicorn . A perpetual student, here to read from more knowledgeable people more than to write. Software engineer, furry. Icon created by @rowyn avatar


Leaving Reddit because it's becoming what digg became when I left that during the second wave.

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Animation fan, but I have multitudes.
He/him/dude. Living in the US. Go/Baduk player, TTRPG player/maker, love a good story.
Twitter: @Scofisticated
I do not consent to any AI use of any material I post here. Nor AI use of my style of talking/writing, posting or reposting. For academic, commercial, or open use.

#Animation #Cartoons #News #TTRPG #Go #GoGame #Baduk #LGBTQ #Queer #Gay #Wiccan #Wicca #Philosophy
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Lactamaeon, second in command of Yr, whispered, “If one is to be doomed, one must be beautiful, or the drama is only a comedy. And therefore, Unbeautiful…”

“Kill me, my lord, in the form of an eagle,” Deborah said to him in the language of Yr.

— Joanne Greenberg, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden avatar


Had breakfast?
Every day an idea for a different one.
If you are looking for #inspiration, you have no idea what to cook, or you just want to look at pictures of tasty #food, I invite you to follow.

Apart from food, I like to take photos, mainly of nature, landscapes and monuments.

Free time is for playing games. Usually PC, but recently also on the Switch. #gaming
At work I play with numbers. #data
Here will be plenty of #breakfast's, #photo's and #chart's.

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#MaskUp #GetBoosted

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky he/him
aka Buck Borasky, Frontier Programmer
aka Zorro Notorious MEB

Algorithmic Composition / Digital Synthesis / Computer Music

Coding #RStats #Forth

Retired scientific applications / operating system programmer currently playing with algorithmic composition and digital sound synthesis.

Genres: #Microtonal #MicrotonalMusic #ExperimentalMusic #Eclectronica #Algorave #Livecoding #Spectralism #MusiqueConcrète

#Curmudgeonry #ComposerOfTheDay #fedi22 avatar


:fediverse: Tomasz, 31, #Poland.
I write bilingually 🇵🇱/🇬🇧 and do a lot of boosting here, but only good content.

🚌 Chief Constructor in company producing #Hydrogen #H2 City Buses #NesoBus

After work:
👧 Participation in the Father of the Year competition
🆓 #FOSS #OpenSource projects
💪 #SelfHosting
✏️ Blogging (thoughts, tutorials etc.)
👨‍💻 #SysAdmin
🕵️ #CyberSecurity #InfoSec
🏎️ #F1 + 🏍️ #Speedway

#Apple #Tech #PHP
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Self diagnosed Autistic
Still finding who and where my people really are... Are they over here?

May complain about sensory nightmare children who I can't really live without.

Plays with music stuff.

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