Aktywiści protestujący przeciwko Cop City aresztowani za założenie zbiórki na prawników (theintercept.com)

Wiele osób protestuje przeciwko "Cop City" - centrum szkoleniowemu w Atlancie. Aktywiści założyli ostatnio zbiórkę na pomoc prawną protestującym, po czym zostali aresztowani w związku z zarzutami prania pieniędzy i charity fraud. Do ich aresztowania wysłano SWAT....

Fediverse Report: The Roundup – episode 21 (fediversereport.com) en

Differentiation in the Fediverse is starting to play out in more and more pronounced ways. For most users in the Western world, it is tightly linked with Mastodon. But the Japanese Fediverse community is growing extremely rapidly, mainly using Misskey. It has grown in less than half a year from 75k accounts to 325k accounts.

How I Programmed My Own AI Girlfriend — SchizoDev (youtube.com) en

> Introducing Gargora, an AI waifu program inspired by the Gatebox project. Gargora utilizes voice-to-text and text-to-speech programs, along with language models like GPT-3 and Character.ai, to generate responses. The AI's voice is created by cloning someone's voice using data collection and training, while the talking head...

Mobile Applications (Android and iOS) soon? (nadajnik.org) en

I see on the project website that the apps are coming soon, but I also see a link for development versions that won't expand for me. Is the link broken or is it just placeholder for now? What kind of timeline are we looking at before an application will be available? Will there be an alpha or beta we can sign up for?...

How "aggressively" is Google banning accounts that use Aurora Store to download apps from the Google Play store? (nadajnik.org)

There are some games that aren't working on my phone and I wanted to try playing them in Waydroid on my computer running Ubuntu, however, there is a problem. Some of them are games that I've paid for but Google is refusing to allow me access to the Google play store from within Waydroid. So the only way (as far as I can tell)...

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