France legally bans select short-haul flights —so should other countries follow? (forbes.com.au) en

> France has become the first country to legally ban select short-haul flights, requiring a train alternative of 2.5 hours or less to exist. The ban was part of a 2020 agreement between the French government and Air France to meet environmental targets. However, environmentalists believe the ban has been watered down too much....

Comment field snapping to above screen on mobile (kbin.social) en

I'm having an issue when trying to comment on posts (or reply to other comments) on Firefox mobile on Android. Once the top of the text box moves above the confines of the screen, the whole page snaps downward so that the text box is off screen entirely. It makes it nearly impossible to type out longer comments....

Parents in a town in Ireland came together to voluntarily ban smartphones for kids as old as 13 (businessinsider.com) en

> Parents in Greystones, Ireland, have implemented a voluntary ban on smartphones for primary school-aged children. The ban, which has gained support nationally, aims to reduce anxiety and exposure to inappropriate content. Parents' associations in the area's primary schools can choose to participate in the ban, which applies...

Anarchista z Rosji w ukraińskiej armii [rozmowa Pauliny Siegień] (krytykapolityczna.pl)

Nie chcę, żeby w Ukrainie działo się to samo co w Rosji, czyli represje, tortury. Od razu zrozumiałem, że trzeba to jakoś zatrzymać, a w tej sytuacji, żeby zatrzymać rosyjski reżim, trzeba walczyć – mówi nam Aleksiej Makarow, pochodzący z Rosji anarchista, który walczy w wojnie po stronie Sił Zbrojnych Ukrainy...

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